Energy Management Systems


Energy Management is one of the sub sections of BMS (Building Management Systems) that focuses on the automation and monitoring of energy consuming devices.

The incorporation of Energy Management systems as part of your Building Management System can optimise energy consumption thereby making your business more energy efficient.

SI Systems has teamed up with some of the world’s leading energy measurement and management equipment manufacturers in order to create cutting edge solutions which accurately measure the energy consumption of various electromechanical facilities as well as automate the control and monitoring processes of those facilities.

The aim of every custom built solution is to ensure continuous improvement in energy efficiency.

With a centralized Building Management System reporting on high yield energy consumption facilities, power hungry systems are easily identified. These reports can then stimulate initiatives such as cost justification to invest in more energy efficient systems whilst simultaneously promoting the awareness of energy efficiency throughout the organisation.

Energy Efficiency Key Points:
  • Economizer control
  • Remote shut down
  • Equipment cycling
  • Scheduled-based heating, ventilation and cooling control (see HVAC).
  • Customizable & comprehensive energy usage reports
  • Electrical demand limiting
  • Outside air reduction
  • Automated equipment scheduling
  • Leakage or left on limitations
  • Occupancy-based environmental controls
  • Optimal start/stop