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The objective of our Building Management Systems (BMS) is to manage the sub-systems within a building to ensure a pleasant, controlled and safe environment.


Energy Management is one of those sub-systems of Building Management Systems (BMS) which focuses on the automation and monitoring of energy consuming devices.


A Centralized Security System (CSS) is another part of our Building Management Systems (BMS) which manages all aspects of security on a single platform.


Our access controls (managed by CSS) can determine who, where, and when, a person is allowed to enter or exit certain areas or resources. We provide you with a range of access functions.


The business world is rapidly moving towards an era of connected environments, specifically within its building spaces, and this calls for the implementation of integrated systems in workplaces to reflect these advancements. As a respected and recognised leader in the field of integrated building management and security system solutions, SI Systems aims to provide you with the latest, customised, cutting-edge technology, to meet your dynamic needs in this modern landscape.

We are determined to deliver on-going outstanding services, create unrivaled customer relationships, and to remain market leaders. SI Systems was established in 2001, and is a Proudly South African based company with a proven track record and impressive African continent footprint – with this extensive security background, every project is approached with a security cautious and energy efficient mind-set. We assure you of building automation systems that provide personalized value and security, with the additional benefits of increased productivity, collaboration, creativity, and employee well-being.

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Felix Chifwaila

““We hereby confirm that Security Integrated Systems ( SIS ), specialists in security and access control, have a contract with ZESCO Ltd to install an integrated security systems in our major power plants. SIS has successfully installed and commissioned a fibre network for the above purpose. We therefore highly recommend them for any works relating to setting up fibre optic links.””

D Bristow

““The quality of products and Services offered was to our standard an their technical expertise assisted us in delivering a top quality system for our client. We were satisfied with their service, finding them willing to go out of their way to accommodate our needs and will consider them for future projects within or organization.”

SD Moodley

““We were extremely satisfied with SIS from the day we phoned for a quote right up to last week when we phoned for assistance and they sent out someone to our premises immediately. The workmanship and overall Project Management can be highly recommended as well as resolution of discrepancies and value added.”

Niel Morris

“The Quality of products and Services offered was to our standard. There technical expertise and knowledge was valuable to deliver the project to our client.

We were satisfied with their service and will consider them for future projects within our organisation.”