From Plan to Retro Fit

From Plan to Retro Fit

Constantly rising energy prices, coupled with the corporate responsibility to reduce carbon emissions, means using a building management system (BMS) makes total sense.

Fitting the systems to new buildings has never posed much of a problem as collaboration between architect, building owner, prospective tenants and the solutions provider is normally initiated at project inception. Hereby allowing adequate planning and contingencies to avoid any disruption or delays in savings delivery.

However many companies of all sizes in all sectors live in older buildings that don’t have the benefit of building management systems. The solution means retrofitting a BMS.

The prospect of this can at first seem daunting. Managing means monitoring and recording related data. This applies to heating, lighting and all relevant sub-systems, electrical, data-centric etc. all of which needs some kind of connection to the control system.

Installation conjures up images of companies working around wires and installation engineers, as well as possible disruption to business. Installation of wired systems is often done out of normal business hours because of this, which can mean out-of-normal-working-hours rates.

When retrofitting its building management system, SIS delivers a carefully planned solution via its tried and tested project process. This involves:

Aims and objectives

At the outset we meet and discuss your ultimate aims and objectives. We learn your business goals and quantify your carbon and energy savings ambitions.

Building management system rollout

We design and build a rollout schedule based on your specific requirements, and then our customer service team interfaces with key stakeholders to ensure a smooth implementation.


Building Management system installation and implementation is cleaner, more efficient and more cost effective than is commonly accepted The modern day system enables quicker delivery of your energy savings, carbon emission reduction, maintenance costs and therefore a shorter gestation period before you see the returns on your investment.

On-going support and system development

We at SIS have establish a firm belief that helping you help save the planet is not just a hit and run exercise but a long term commitment. Therefore we implement stringent SLA’s that include updating and enhancing your BMS bi-annually making sure that you’re at the fore front of the savings chain.